Artificer XyMox. Heroic.

Seeds and traps and withering touch… oh my! It really wouldn’t be a good Artificer pull without Vuduz stepping into a trap. He survived this one and so did us (well mostly…). We killed the damn thing and that’s what’s important. Well that and we get to skip most of these bosses on Normal now that we finished the quest.

Kinetic in its continued hybrid server glory is now 5/10H in Castle Nathria. For context, a once server first and top 100ish US or World guild (depending on the content) has managed to make the Top 50. For Horde. On Frostmane. But, like, wut everman im liek alch90, ok? shows the casual nature of this situation. again.

I decided to check-in on my fake nemesis guild and it appears they are now 8/10H. According to, they killed Sludgefist/Council on Sat 1/23, Sun King/Artificer on Wed 1/13, and Lady Inerva on Tues 1/12.

Reminder to like/subscribe/etc to Saji’s Twitch as he provided us with this kill video:

Totally disregard what happens at 3:12 as the healers watch my health expire (ignore that I didn’t use Unending Resolve, but at the same time give me credit for using a healthstone)

Original Screenshot

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