The Burning Crusade

Blizzard’s first expansion was released on January 16th, 2007.

Outdoor Bosses

This doesn’t really deserve its own page, but at some point we killed Doom Lord Kazzak.


Blizzard’s dip into 10 person raiding. Since we didn’t consider 10 person raiding to “be a thing” yet, we didn’t really track it. The only reference I could find was Edbad posting #TeamMishima’s Nightbane kill on March 15, 2007.

Gruul’s Lair

The pressure was on to get our freshly minted Paladins into raiding. We managed to sneak a server first thanks to our friends in War Front sharing their strategy.

Magtheridon’s Lair

It seems like Blizzard thought everyone missed clicking on a channeling cube of some sort from BWL, so they added it to make this fight fun.

Serpentshrine Cavern

This is the first raid where we had a clean sweep of server firsts. What I remember most, though, is the exhausting attunement process. It sure kept the bad guilds out of here for a while.

Tempest Keep: The Eye

I remember this instance for being very frustrating (trash) and rewarding. The Kael’thas encounter is one of my favorite.

Battle for Mount Hyjal

What a weird, glitchy instance. Thankfully it was much shorter, so it didn’t take too much time away from Black Temple.

Black Temple

What a fantastic instance at the time. The Illidan fight was so rewarding once we finally beat it.

Sunwell Plateau

This was the instance I will remember as a passing of the guard in many ways. For me, it was the beginning of my hardcore WoW retirement and passing the MT/officer role on. For Kinetic, it was ‘welcoming’ another Horde guild to the top of the server. It was the first time since Disband (Razorgore) vs FoW (Ragnaros) that two Horde guilds battled for a significant first kill.

All commentary from Mishima