Council of Blood. Heroic.

Mashanu, dear friend, if you are reading this: you were right. Going into Heroic with 10-12 people is not fun. We knew this, but we now REALLY know this. We decided to PUG a few people to get to a 2/3/9 raid composition and uh… good things happened.

First of all, I have to stop and thank our Layla boss mods for a heavy assist. She judged all applicants harshly, but fair. I learned that Ragnaros was not only a dumb end boss, but also a shitty server. Sorry for your luck there ole chap. Second, we one shot Artificer…. and third, well, I hope you aren’t shocked to now know we killed the Council of Blood.

It wasn’t a one shot by any means, but we had some fantastic input on going back to a kill order we had only tried once. Thank goodness for killing Freida last. Also many thanks to our PUGs for being patient and helpful with feedback.

Oh, and, look at that sexy Tauren living in 2006 with all that Dreadnaught. That shit can legally drive with an accompanying adult.

Reminder to like/subscribe/etc to Saji’s Twitch as he provided us with this kill video:

Original Screenshot

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