World of Warcraft was released on November 23rd, 2004.

Molten Core

Both Disband and Force of Will fully cleared Molten Core before the merger, so there is no true documentation of first kills for Kinetic. Let it be known, though, that Force of Will killed Ragnaros first. In what would be true Kinetic form, the first Force of Will kill was wonky (the Sons of Ragnaros didn’t spawn).

Blackwing Lair

While Disband killed Ragnaros second, they were the first (and only of the two) guild to kill Razorgore. This put immense pressure on Force of Will, but that wasn’t the true threat. The mass transfer of guilds from Frostwolf meant that Disband and Force of Will were no longer the top PvE guilds on the server. That, along with the inherent struggles with Vaelastrasz, was a catalyst for these two rival guilds to rise together as Kinetic.

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

By the time AQ opened, Blackholej had earned his Black Qiraji Battle Tank and Kinetic had MC/BWL on farm status. This was now the time to assert Kinetic’s dominance over all other Horde guilds and make a run at leading Alliance guilds Viscious Cycle & War Front.


Naxx opened with Kinetic still being the sole Horde guild to clear BWL and AQ. This was a key recruiting technique that began the poaching of key players from other Horde guilds. Guild leadership did not know that the real threat for clearing Naxx would be the new expansion and especially the public test realm (PTR). The PTR proved that the Outlands had greens better than our purples. We could only lie to our membership long enough to kill the 4H. We would need everyone to take things to the next level in TBC.

All commentary from Mishima