It is pretty awesome the Wayback Machine allowed me to pull the commentary off the old forums. Nerv did a fantastic job narrating the journey through this expansion. Seems like he did pretty OK as a GM/RL as well.

For context, Cataclysm was released on December 7th, 2010.

Blackwing Descent

This section is a little unfinished currently as there was nothing posted on the original forums.

Bastion of Twilight

There was only reference that I could find on this zone; standby for an update from someone that raided this zone.

Throne of the Four Winds


As of this writing (Jan 2021), Saji & Nerv STILL talk about Ragnaros. That’s about all you really need to know about this zone.

Dragon Soul

Same comment from above regarding Deathwing.

*I’m not counting my short foray into moonkin after everything was on farm

Commentary by Mishima