Shriekwing. Normal.

So we sort of did a thing last night. Nothing terribly special by current day standards or previous Kinetic standards, but a thing nonetheless. Nerv called dibs on MT. Former enhance shaman Killrog turned Monk? Yeah, OT. Two healers who are playing WoW for the first time? Sure. A majestic MFer clinging to his warrior and a terrible fury spec? Why not! The list goes on (sorry Stirno, Kalinaj Hads, Flaile Hints, Piusx Mikey, Zeitgeist Baddate… I ran out of semi-witty things to say).

Kinetic killed something that has happened in PUGs already. We killed Shriekwing on normal. But damn it was fun. We then wiped on Huntsman graciously for a bit before calling it very calmly at our regularly scheduled ending time. Is this casual raiding? Not bad.

Original Screenshot