Stone Legion Generals. Heroic.

Thank goodness for… nerfs? Superior knowledge of venn diagrams, I guess? We had 5 total wipes across two days before we got our first kill. Oh boy, was it a classic Kinetic kill too. It’s much more fun to sacrifice a majestic cow and clench the collective butthole of the raid to see if we can manage to take down the final 6% after all.

This closes our first official-ish Illidan raid week. That’s right, folks, nearly all of us are back together on one server again. For those scoring at home, Viri is now Drviri, Mishima is now Mishhima, and Stallone is now Rudeboy. Want to know who “Purple Layla” is? Another story for another day. We do still have some hold outs *cough* Polinator *cough* to peer pressure… there’s plenty of time for that!

Kinetic. Of Illidan. Casual in raid time only. 9/10H. There were some really good Sire Denathrius pulls (like 5 out of 14? 4 of the last 5?), so maybe “week 2” in a new city will reap some additional rewards.

For now, pop over to Saji’s Twitch channel and give him a follow before watching a throwback first kill:

Original Screenshot

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