Sludgefist. Normal.

One down, three to go. That is true for both the amount of posts I have to make this morning (go team) and also the number of times we have to fully clear up to Sludgefist on Normal before we can just farm the last bosses.

When Katnuss said Sludgefist & Stone Legion Generals (on Normal) were easier than some of the fights we had already completed, I have to admit I was skeptical. She was right, though. Since no one will ever really read this, I feel ok admitting that.

Three wipes, one kill. Interesting. My OCD is happy.

Side note and true story: we joked that Sanka & crew (on Illidan) should rename their guild Kinetic so our screenshots looked better. Katnuss said “I’ll do it for $20” and I couldn’t pull up Venmo fast enough. Now we just need to work on Sorcia…

Original Screenshot

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