Huntsman Altimor. Heroic.

Did you know that in the heroic version of this encounter, there are TWO Shades of Barghast? Good times! We technically had eight pulls, but the first one Hads was afk outside the room (virtually & IRL) getting a peach smoothie (I wish I were joking) and the encounter was reset when he was targeted by the boss. Laughs were had by all. This makes 2/10H overall since we didn’t kill Hungering Destroyer after 5 pulls.

I have to admit, though, I didn’t think all these posts in the last seven days would happen. I say that because one of the more active, consistent people decided to leave the guild to play with some friends from WoW Classic. He went from not knowing if there would be a raid to clearing Castle Nathria on Normal in one day (not to mention a couple heroic bosses). How could I blame him? I wouldn’t (and don’t), but as the Jordan meme says:

I’ve always taken things personally, though, and I have to deal with it. This won’t be the last time someone quits the game or the group unexpectedly. It also won’t be the last time I take it personally. What I am doing is watching their new guild’s progress in Castle Nathria. They are now 6/10H (though he is only 2/10H… just like us). I have issues, man, ok?

Original Screenshot

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