The Arachnid Quarter

2006-06-22 Anub’Rekhan
2006-07-06 Grand Widow Faerlina
2006-07-14 Maexxna

The Plague Quarter

2006-07-15 Noth the Plaguebringer
2006-08-13 Heigan the Unclean
2006-09-19 Loatheb

The Construct Quarter

2006-07-19 Patchwerk*
2006-07-19 Grobbulus

*using the 8pc wrath parry glitch
2006-08-06 Patchwerk
2006-07-23 Gluth
2006-08-29 Thaddius

The Military Quarter

Missing: Instructor Razuvious
2006-10-24 Gothik the Harvester
2006-11-30 The Four Horsemen

Frostwyrm Lair

The impending release of WoW’s first expansion, The Burning Crusade, left us with a guild full of people unwilling to push to clear the instance. For us, the 4H encounter was our end game. We did go on to kill them at Level 70 to complete some Tier 3 sets and the Atiesh, though.

2008-01-06 Sapphiron
2008-01-06 Kel’Thuzad
2008-01-06 Atiesh