Firelands : 1/7 Heroic

Killed shannox tonight, server 3rd : /. Pretty easy though.
Firelands 2/7 – H: Lord Rhyolith
Firelands 3/7 H : Alysrazor down
Firelands 4/7 H: Majordomo Staghelm

Yay for being 2nd on server again.
Firelands 5/7H : Baleroc down

Also we went and killed heroic Chog’all in 4 pulls since we finished quickly this week. Nice thing about being overgeared for old content. Funny part is we forgot it dies at 2% and thought we had wiped when bacchaus landed the killing blow. (11/13H)
Firelands 6/7 H : Beth’tilac down

Need a hunter for this, lost our hunter last week to Irene, then 2 shot this today. Not sure how much was due to the nerf and how much was due to correct group composition.
Firelands 7/7 H : Ragnaros dead….again

Finally killed Ragnaros on our 306th attempt. Took us about six weeks, but got server second tonight and a top 200 US kill, top 700 world, 125th US10. Pretty happy considering we have maintained our 3 night raid schedule (and several 2) the entire tier.

This fight was nerfed twice (15% hp reduction followed by 15% dmg reduction), and it is still one of the hardest fights I’ve seen in this game. Four phases, and two transition phases, taking over 10 minutes. The most fun part being phase 4 is perhaps the hardest and takes 7 minutes to reach, assuming you can perfectly execute the fight up until that point, and push p3 before a second meteor spawns which we did not have the gear to do until last week (thanks blizz for shitty drops in 10 man).

T13 (deathwing) is on PTR now, looking forward to a few short raid weeks before we start the next push.

Recruiting one healer, preferably a priest. If you are a former member with/without gear and you are serious about coming back feel free to talk to me, draeger, or faize. Now is the best time to gear people up. Ideally we want someone geared, especially if we do not already know you are good, but we might make an exception to have someone we know is worth gearing up.

Also, on our kill 9/10 people ranked on World of Logs, with yours truly heading it up with 13th world prot paladin dps.

All commentary from the original forums by Nerv