The updates begin.

Thanks to Hekter, who now goes by Hektor on WoW Classic server Whitemane, I have been following an alliance guild named Lion’s Share full of familiar Frostmane names from both factions.

AQ opened on that server this week and they fully cleared the instance in one day. Sheesh. I have uploaded kill shots for BWL and AQ that I had. I am attempting to restore an old database in an attempt to find more narrative behind our progress all those years ago. I hope to have most of Vanilla covered by our 15th anniversary in October. Please keep the comments coming if you see this!

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Back in BC I idolized you and wanted to be a guilds main tank because of you. To this day my friend and I call people with crazy gear blackholej, the legendary hunter.

ive actually played whole bfa, even got CE the 2 mid tiers before the guild fell apart. ended up enjoying mythic plus alot and doing that

I still don’t quite understand the appeal of WoW Classic, but I’ve been doing the TBC raids to finish transmog sets (since I sharded the 3 non-set, set pieces in WOTLK). Some good memories for sure…. except Karazhan. Eff that place.

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