Heart of Fear

This zone opened on October 30th, 2012 for Normal and November 6th, 2012 for Heroic.

Heart of Fear 6/6N: Empress Down

Empress feels a bit like an easier heroic boss at current gear levels, but we got her down last night. Heroic HoF starts this week, though we have 3 left in MV. If that isn’t enough bosses for you Terrace normal opens next week, to bring the total number of bosses to 16.

It was already pretty late and we needed to clear MV, so only a few of us were in the ss.
Dargons slain! 3/6H HoF
During normal raid days, we killed Bladelord, Garalon, and Windlord on H25.

Unfortunately Will is worth a crapton of points on wowprogress, so our rank is still 600+ even though we’ve killed more heroics than people ranked in the top 400.