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Mishima 12-20-2012 04:41 PM

Time for a Pause

As you may, or may not, have heard: Kinetic is no longer raiding. The website and the Facebook group will still be intact along with the memories accumulated throughout the years. This latest run would not have been possible without Nerv, his officers and the members. It has been a joy to follow the progression every step of the way, but I truly know how hard it is to keep it all going. Thank you again to everyone involved (except, you know, the pieces of shit -- but you know who you are)!

Tsilyi 12-20-2012 05:26 PM

I for one had a great time with you all. Thanks for the memories! :)

Miggie 12-20-2012 06:05 PM

One day when we are all 70+ and retired...those of us who haven't OD'd from the vanilla crew shall return to dominate Frostmane...and since most of us will be using catheters we'll have a lot less downtime for bathroom breaks!!!

Kerrigan 12-21-2012 01:58 AM

Firstly, sadface. Secondly /tear. Thirdly /salute. Anywho glad the guild stayed alive as long as it did. And went down swinging... At heroic mode bosses. Much love to all of you true guildies.


P.S. if only i had actually gotten to raid. Kinetic would have been dead weeks ago,with ulcers for all!

spektor 12-21-2012 09:54 AM

If anyone wants to raid May 2013 and beyond server transfer to US-Mal'Ganis and maybe we can set something up on there :). I graduate from university then and will probably have the time to run a team. Will most likely be a 3 day a week guild. Kisses

This is Veltaius btw, your DK of 1 week :)

sleepytime 12-25-2012 02:14 AM

can i get an invite to the fb group

Namu 12-25-2012 08:11 PM

No sleepy.

Dazdingo 12-25-2012 10:22 PM

Join phacebook phaggots so i can stalk you guys irl

Antaean 01-04-2013 08:38 AM

Reroll alliance, come to Darkspear and pvp with antaean...Druid and rogue son. lets get her done.


Oh, got my boy Cheens over here, and we have a good pvp guild.

Mishima 01-04-2013 10:24 AM

What is this PvP you speak of? Is that the server type that you slay dragons on? :glasses9:

Targos 01-04-2013 02:28 PM

I don't facebook much, but if anyone ever wants to find me and doesn't already have my number skype@ jeff33s

Mishima 01-04-2013 02:38 PM

You would Skype.

oozaru 01-05-2013 05:46 PM

Knew it.

Stallone 01-09-2013 07:12 PM

RIP Kinetic. Hope this isn't the final end of this great guild.

Protigee 01-28-2013 12:07 PM

why do i still even troll these forums. blah.

sad to see it close AGAIN ...
but not like it hasn't happened plenty of times before.

blah blah, consoling nice post, blah blah, you'll be back, blah blah, they always come back..

Bizerk 01-30-2013 01:15 PM

Anything with Stallone in it won't go away forever..

Grimmjow 05-05-2013 01:05 AM

Kinetic...I thank you guys sincerely for taking me, a random resto shaman from Schism in TBC, and giving me the opportunity to raid with you. I remember I didn't even show up the first night because I had never been a part of a raid group with a schedule and thought it was a spontaneous thing. Got a talking to from Mishima for that. I also regret leaving without a word and dwell on it way too much to be healthy. So once again, sorry and thank you.

Mishima 05-07-2013 08:43 PM

A talking to? Me? Nooooo

mashanu 05-08-2013 09:29 AM

Oh grimmjow I remember.

I also remember doing illidan attempts for server first. I was playing campfire style in an empty room with nothing but red bull and my PC because there was no internet at my new place. We took a 10 minute break between attempts so I decided to drive a truck full of stuff to the new place, turns out the drive itself took 10 minutes total and when I came back I realized I had left the key to old place at the new place so I had to drive back and took 20+minutes total.

I think namu and mish both chewed me out for that. So sorry! then a couple weeks later I got hacked.

Nerv 05-08-2013 11:07 AM

Pretty sure anyone would have raged after that Mash.

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